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Simrad HS40 Wireless Handset 000-14475-001
Simrad HS40 Wireless Handset 000-14475-001

Simrad HS40 Wireless Handset 000-14475-001

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Part Number: 000-14475-001
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HS40 Wireless Handset

Take remote control of your Simrad RS40 VHF radio, and enjoy the power of a fixed-mount system with the convenience of a handheld. Easily carried and simple to use, this wireless handset gives you total freedom of movement on board your boat. 

Wireless Control of your Fixed-Mount VHF
The HS40 handset offers remote control of your fixed-mount RS40 VHF radio. Make calls, scroll through channels, and quickly initiate DSC distress functions from anywhere on board. With the HS40, you have the maximum transmission power and features of your fixed-mount VHF radio, with the convenience and portability of a handheld.

Communicate Anywhere On Board
With a range of up to 100 metres, the HS40 offers complete coverage aboard even the largest powerboats. One or more HS40 handsets and the RS40 base station can also be used together as an on-board intercom system, enabling clear communication between crew members vessel-wide.

Designed for Real-World Conditions
The HS40 handset is rated IPX7 waterproof and uses an inductive charging system - meaning no exposed power connectors - for maximum protection from the elements. A full charge provides up to 8 hours of use, giving you total freedom to move around your boat.

Key Features

  • Wireless handset for the RS40 or RS40-B VHF radio
  • Handsets and RS40 work as an on-board intercom
  • Inductive charging with the included cradle
  • Up to 8 hours battery life
  • 100-metre range from base station
  • Fully waterproof (IPX7)

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