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Shakespeare 5401-XT VHF Antenna
Shakespeare 5401-XT VHF Antenna

Shakespeare 5401-XT VHF Antenna

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Shakespeare Galaxy Style 5401-XT LITTLE GIANT™
4' VHF 3dB Gain
Center-fed 1/2 wave coaxial sleeve

This antenna is the same as the Style 5400-XT, but in an exclusive black Galaxy finish. It's an outstanding, 4' antenna of heavy-duty construction for general purpose communications. Its at home on T-tops, hard-tops and other positions aloft, where its small size can deliver maximum range.

  • Brass and copper elements for maximum range
  • Stainless steel ferrule with standard 1"-14 thread
  • Includes 20' RG-8/X cable and a PL-259 connector
  • Suggested mount: Shakespeare Style 4187 Ratchet Mount
  • One section
  • Shakespeare Limited Warranty: 5 years

Technical Specifications:

Frequency:VHF Marine Band
Bandwidth:5 MHz within 2.0:1 VSWR
SWR:nominally 1.5:1 at 156.8 MHz
Gain:3 dB
Max Input (Watts):50 watts
Height (feet):4

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