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Ritchie X-10B-M Sport Compass Black
Ritchie X-10B-M Sport Compass Black

Ritchie X-10B-M Sport Compass

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Part Number: X-10B-M
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RitchieSport Compass Features:
  • Easy-to-Install on Windshield or Dash
  • Two-Sided, Self-Adhesive Mounting Pads Included
  • Reversible Bracket Adjusts through 300 degrees
  • 2" Direct-Reading, High Visibility Dials
  • Internal Green Night Lighting
  • High Temp Composite Construction for Extended Operating Range
  • Hardened Steel Pivot and Sapphire Jewel Movement
  • Built-in Compensators
  • Exclusive 5-Year Ritchie Warranty
  • Comes standard with 12V lighting.
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