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Raymarine 1kw 20 Tilted Element B164-20-RAY
Raymarine 1kw 20 Tilted Element B164-20-RAY

Raymarine Tilted Element B164-20-RAY

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B164 Tilted Element™

20 degree titled version is designed for 16 degree - 24 degree deadrise angles.

for use with Raymarine DSM250, DSM300 sounder modules

  • Depth/Temp
  • 50/200 kHz
  • 1 kW RMS
  • High-performance
  • Bronze

Step up to a 1kW Without a Fairing! Airmar has taken our innovative Tilted Element™ technology to a higher power. The new 1kW, flush-mount, tilted element transducers are perfect for fast, trailered tournament sport fishing vessels who cannot have a high-performance fairing. The flush mounted, bronze housing protrudes less than 6.35 mm (0.25) outside your hull and can sit on trailer rollers and bunks with no damage at all. The ceramic arrays are tilted inside the housing giving you the perfect vertical beam with maximum energy on what is directly below your boat. Take your fishfinder to the next power with Airmars 1kW tilted element transducers.

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