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Furuno FA40 AIS Receiver
Furuno FA40 AIS Receiver

Furuno FA40 AIS Receiver

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FA40 AIS Receiver

Furuno's FA40 AIS Receiver has multiple ports for simple connection to your NavNet, AIS-capable Radar or Chart Plotter, or your favorite navigation software. AIS information such as vessel name and call sign, position, course, and speed are graphically presented, allowing you to monitor vessel traffic simply and easily. Both models are designed to work with nearly any VHF antenna, and a signal splitter is an available option that allows the unit to share your radio's VHF antenna, making installation simple.

The FA-40 AIS receives the vessel name, call sign, position, COG, SOG, and other useful information from surrounding vessels. SOTDMA guarantees an AIS time slot allocation, making you visible in congested waters.


  • Enhances safe navigation by exchanging critical navigation information from AIS-equipped vessels nearby
  • Greatly improves the level of the situational awareness even in fog, darkness or congested waterways
  • Flexible integration with various AIS compatible radar and chart plotters
  • Optional GPS antenna can be connected to receive GPS information
  • Initial setup can be done through the NMEA2000 network (TZT2/TZT3)
  • Receives both Class-A and Class-B AIS information
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