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Furuno 1815 Color LCD Display 19 Inch 4kW Radar
Furuno 1815 Color LCD Display 19 Inch 4kW Radar

Furuno 1815 Color LCD Display Radar

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1815 8.4" Color LCD 19" 4kW Radar with 10M Cable

The Furuno 1815 is a standalone Radar package that features an 8.4” color LCD screen and stylish, low-profile 4kW radome antenna. It is designed for a wide variety of vessels, including pleasure craft, workboats and small fishing boats that require an easy-to-use, true color Radar at an affordable price point.The unit allows you to select from several adjustable display colors to ensure that it can be viewed in a variety of conditions. The gimbal mount allows the display to swivel when desktop mounted, allowing the user to adjust the display angle for optimal viewing comfort. Overhead mounts are available for added flexibility or you can flush mount it with a simple 5” hole saw.

Furuno’s Fast Target Tracking (TT) function allows the user to manually or automatically track up to 10 targets. After selecting a target, it takes only seconds for a speed and course vector to be displayed, making quick work of determining the safety of approaching or moving targets. When using Furuno’s proprietary True Trail mode, moving objects will show a gradation of target trails in their wake, making it possible to gauge the movement of targets at-a-glance. When connected to a Furuno AIS, up to 100 targets can be tracked and displayed on the screen, allowing the operator to instantly gather important information about other AIS-equipped vessels nearby. 

The 1815 also utilizes Furuno’s True View mode to make reading the display more intuitive. For example, when your vessel is turning, the echoes stay consistent on the display, so you can constantly see the targets on the screen, without waiting for them to update after the turn. This mode proves to be especially useful when you are turning to avoid hazardous targets. 

The automatic gain reduction on the 1815 makes use of algorithms that have been refined over many decades of Furuno experience and innovation. This means the 1815 is second to none in clutter rejection. With no input from the user, this Radar will automatically eliminate unnecessary echoes and present a clear display image with every sweep of its antenna. This ensures that you will be able to acquire other vessels, buoys and objects on the sea surface in good weather, or when sudden fog and storms make the visibility poor. 

Other display modes include Off Center, allowing own ship's position to be shifted to a pre-registered point on screen, and Zoom, which will expand and display a selected target up to 2x in a zoom window.


•8.4" Portrait Color LCD Display (IPx6 Rating)

•Compact and Lightweight 4kW Radome Antenna

•Fast Target Tracking provides instant heading and speed info for up to 10 targets

•True Trail and True View modes (heading sensor required)

•AIS display for up to 100 targets (optional AIS receiver required)

•Advanced auto-adjust settings for Gain/Sea Clutter/Rain Clutter

•Digital Signal Processing for improved auto Gain/Sea/Rain controls

•Cosmetic match to FCV588 Fish Finder with UI based on 1835 & FR8XX5 Radars

•Swivel mount bracket to adjust the angle of the display unit

•12-24 VDC input and low power consumption (Up to 38 W during transmit)

•5.2-degree horizontal and 25-degree vertical beam width

•External pigtail cable eliminates need to open the dome to install the Radar cable

•(3) NMEA0183 inputs for GPS, heading, and AIS (Port 3 for heading only)

•(2) NMEA0183 outputs for TTM, TLL and RSD (with required nav sensor inputs)

Advanced Auto

Adjust settings for Gain/Sea clutter/Rain clutter - To display targets clearly and accurately, the gain must adjusted. The 1815 can do this automatically for you. By automatically adjusting the gain, the Radar eliminates unnecessary echoes and display a clear image.

Fast Target Tracking™ (TT) Function

Fast Target Tracking™ (TT) function manually or automatically acquires and tracks 10 targets. After selecting a target, it only takes a few seconds for a speed and course vector to be displaed. With accurate tracking information, estimation of other vessel's course and speed is made easier.

AIS Display 

When connecting a Furuno FA-30/50 AIS unit, up to 100 AIS targets can be tracked and displayed on the Radar screen. The AIS improves safety during travel by sharing the status and position of your vessel with other AIS-equipped vessels nearby. You can easily read detailed information about other AIS equipped vessels nearby, such as speed and heading.

True Trail Mode 

When using the True Trail mode, moving objects will show up on the main screen with a gradational trail. These trails make it possible to see the movement of nearby vessels in the blink of an eye.

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