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Clipper Depth Repeater CL-DR
Clipper Depth Repeater CL-DR

Clipper Depth Repeater CL-DR

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If you are looking for cockpit instruments that feature cutting edge technology yet are intuitively simple to operate, look no further. The outstanding Clipper range of instruments incorporate technically advanced electronics in an industry standard 110mm square case. Ease of use and display clarity were top of the design brief. All Clipper instruments have giant digits and multilevel backlighting.

Technical Specifications:

  • 40mm high digits
  • Depth below transducer/below keel/below surface
  • Deep and shallow alarms (audio and visual)
  • User selectable feet or meters
  • Intellegent gain control & manual override
  • Selectable display rate and depth averaging rate
  • Depth trend indicator
  • No echo indicator
  • High transmit power
  • All settings stored in non volatile memory
  • Tactile keypad
  • Consumption 20mA + 25Ma for backlight (max)

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