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BandG Triton Speed- Depth System Pack with DST-810 Transducer
BandG Triton Speed- Depth System Pack with DST-810 Transducer

BandG Triton Speed- Depth System Pack with DST-810 Transducer

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Triton² Speed/Depth Pack with DST-810 Transducer

The full-color Triton² Display provides sailors with a clear visual representation of key instrument data including Speed, Depth, Wind, Heading, AIS targets, GPS data, and more.

An Optically Bonded display means absolutely zero condensation or fogging, while transflective LCD technology provides exceptional contrast and visibility – day or night – while consuming less power than traditional backlight-only displays. The flexible, NMEA 2000® certified, Triton² Display can be integrated into a wider navigation system and also be combined with a Triton² Pilot keypad and NAC autopilot computer to create a complete autopilot control system, featuring B & G sail-specific autopilot steering algorithms.


  • Optical Bonding Sporting an Optically Bonded 4.1-inch LCD display, Triton² allows you to see clearly in all conditions with its large clear color display 100% free from condensation or fogging.
  • Efficient LCD Technology: Transflective LCD technology uses reflected ambient light to enhance day-time visibility, providing the clearest sailing dedicated display available. LED backlighting provides highly adjustable illumination when required, making Triton² exceptionally efficient and extending the time available from your battery capacity.
  • Easy to Use: Triton² provides simple on-screen menus controlled by soft-touch and reliable waterproof buttons.

Intuitive design makes it easy to configure and use your display.

  • Low Profile Design: At just 8mm thin the Triton2 instrument adds a sleek look to any boat.

Nearly half the dimension of its thick competitors, Triton² won’t get in the way, catch ropes or offend the eye!

  • NMEA 2000® Certified: NMEA 2000 certification means you can be confident when adding Triton2 to an existing NMEA 2000 system. NMEA 2000 certification also opens up a wide variety of future expansion options for your Triton² system..
  • Easy Installation: A straight-forward front mounting method and a clip-on bezel over the (4) mounting screws combine with a single NMEA 2000 connection carrying both power and networked data.

The Triton² is simple and quick to install:

  • Autopilot Integration: Triton² will display B & G Pilot data on a clear status screen.

With the addition of a Triton² Pilot keypad, the instrument becomes a fully functional Pilot controller.

What's in the box?

  • Triton² Digital Display.
  • N2KEXT-2RD, Cable, Micro-C, 0.6 (2 ft)
  • Suncover, Triton² Display
  • DST-810 Depth/Speed/Temp Sensor. Plastic Housing
  • N2k Backbone Starter Kit

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