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BandG Triton HV Display
BandG Triton HV Display

BandG Triton HV Display

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Your Price: $659.00
This is the B&G Triton 10/10 HV Display Only.
Part Number: 000-11087-001
Availability: Out of Stock
Triton 10/10 HV

Triton HV Displays offer dedicated mast display that is not only rugged, but full of functionality. Glass bonded and packed full of B&G race-winning pedigree, Triton HV Displays can be easily integrated into your existing onboard electronics, and simply controlled via your Triton display.

HV Displays offer zero condensation and outstanding contrast, the perfect size for use on a pedestal.

  • Ultimate clarity in a compact display
  • Providing numbers where they're needed
  • Ideal for focus areas such as pedestals and trimming positions
  • Bonded Glass display
  • Large, red digit LED display
  • Easy to use
  • Expandable
  • B&G Precision

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